Can Bernadí Nou is situated in Sa Cabaneta (Marratxi). This artesan workshop was founded by Juan Amengual Serra and his wife, Maria Capó Cañellas, who specialized on “siurells”, decorated jars (gerres brodades) and traditional pottery.


Our techniques go back to the family trade Can Bernardi, represented by Mestre Antoni Amengual and by Maria Serra, father and mother to Juan, who had been working with terracota in Sa Cabaneta since the end of the 19th century. They were manufacturing mainly “siruells”, ceramic jars and the popular decorated jars. Mestre Antoni had also learned the techniques from his father, which means that we are speaking of several genarations, dedicated to the craft with clay.

The family tradition is presently kept up by the daugter of Juan and Maria, Maria Amengual Capó. Each one of them holds a master craftman´s letter, a credential of acknowledgement and quality, granted by the competent authorities for craftmanship in Majorca,, and which certifies that the product is handcrafted.